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observed teaching practice

Those new to teaching should know that employers prefer TEFL certification that include teaching practice and observations are a critical component on any onsite training course.  Teaching practice provides an opportunity to teach while receiving professional advice on how to improve with each and every session.  It’s only after these sessions that most people can feel comfortable entering the classroom.


Experienced teachers routinely come through our course as a form of professional development or to enter into a new field of teaching.  TEFL is different from core-subject teaching in many ways and observed teaching practice offers a chance to try out new teaching techniques and earn another qualification.

no automatic passes

We don’t wish to sugarcoat it: the course is a full-time commitment that can seem daunting at times. Trainees must pass all course assessments and unfortunately 7-10% of course participants are not able to successfully complete the course.  That might sound intense but through hard work and preparation, our trainees graduate the course with meaningful, practical and relevant teaching skills.

no guarantees

It’s very common to see TESOL certification course providers offering “guaranteed” jobs.  While that sounds great, please note that you should ask a lot of questions regarding the conditions of these offers.


We don’t agree with these policies for two reasons.  First and foremost, they’re not needed.  In many places throughout the world, the demand for teachers is so high that making guarantees seems like putting sugar on nice piece of cake.  Second and equally important, is the fact that many of these positions are in sub-par schools, with sub-par wages and sub-par working conditions.

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