TEFL Campus Staff

TEFL Campus’ two full-time trainers have a combined 15 years’ experience training ESL and EFL teachers.  Their dedication to trainees and sense of professionalism have helped to keep overall trainee satisfaction ratings above a rating of 4.5/5.0.


The course also employs two part-time trainers.  One trainer is the head of the English Department at Phuket’s most prestigious university; the other is a full-time primary school teacher at a local international school in Phuket Town.


TEFL Campus’ four trainers have over 25 years’ experience living in Thailand and SE Asia.  Between their professional backgrounds, local knowledge and dedication to their jobs, we’re confident we have one of Thailand’s most competent and professional training staff.


Eric is from Minneapolis and has been training teachers since 2007.  Before settling down to raise a family on Phuket, Eric traveled through most parts of SE Asia.  Eric writes a monthly education column for The Phuket News and has been published in the Bangkok Post.  Having studied in the UK in 1998, he supports Newcastle United FC but manages to get along just fine with Simon.


Simon is from London and has been training teachers since 2004.  He’s an avid cycling enthusiast and enjoys a good novel.  He also loves Thai music and has been seen singing on stage alongside some of Thailand’s better known bands.  He also supports Chelsea FC, but please don’t hold that against him.