TEFL Campus offers two great choices for safe, comfortable and convenient accommodation. All options are located within 1km (.62 mi) of the training center and include Wi-fi, an en suite toilet (private bathroom) air conditioning and a refrigerator.


Monthly rates range from 7,000 to 9,200 baht. That’s less than US$ 290 for the month even with the most expensive standard option. Rates are for single or dual occupancy so if you take the course with a friend you won’t pay any extra accommodation fees. Depending on the option, weekly linen changes and room cleaning is included.


If you’re looking for more luxurious accommodation, we can help you find a good hotel or condo rental in the area. For more information about accommodation options, fees and amenities, please contact us.

Accommodation Options

Phuket Center Apartments

This option is located in the center of Phuket Town but it’s also tucked away from the main road. There are plenty of dining and entertainment options within walking distance and there’s a super market just across the street. This is our most popular option. Monthly fee: 8,000 baht, plus utilities (typically about 1,200 baht).

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Sakul House

Sakul House makes staying in a guesthouse feel like staying at home. The owner is welcoming, and many of our course graduates decide to stay there for another month while they find more permanent accommodation. Rooms are limited and fill up quickly so book early. Monthly fee: 7,000 baht.


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Staying true to Thailand, Phuket Town and our surrounding area offers more food stalls, cafes and restaurants than you can imagine. There are also plenty of Western food outlets as well. Phuket Town also has quite a few markets and grocery stores where you can buy snacks and drinks to bring back to your room.


The King’s Park is also nearby and offers a large area for recreation, people watching, chilling out or working out. It’s got a large pond with two running tracks that take you around the park. There are basketball and badminton courts, as well as small soccer/football fields and even some organized aerobics sessions in the early evening.


Thai clubs and western style pubs dot the city and you’re never too far away from the action. You cannot expect the same scene as what’s found in Phuket’s main tourist city of Patong, but that’s why so many long-term expats choose to stay in Phuket Town rather than in Patong and along the West Coast.


There are also quite a few activities in and around Phuket Town. There are two weekend markets, a fresh market, walking tours, parks, sports facilities, a few local view points and plenty of natural scenery.


From Town, you can venture off to any one of Phuket beautiful beaches. Sun, sand and surf is definitely one of Phuket’s attractions.

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