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We work closely with a network of trusted employers and online job websites to help our graduated English students find successful teaching careers in Asia.

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Trusted Employers

On Phuket

Darasamut English Program - Tefl Campus, Phuket, Thailand - Trusted employers and resources

Darasamuth is one of the highest-paying employers on Phuket. Located in Phuket Town, it has English Programs for primary and lower secondary levels that employ over 20 foreign teachers.

Thai Hua Teaching English - Tefl Campus, Phuket, Thailand - Trusted employers and resources

Phuket Thai Hua is a long-running school in the heart of Phuket Town. While their primary language focus is on Mandarin, they also have an English program that offers a competitive salary with full support from the foreign Head Teacher.

Phuket Pals Teaching English - Tefl Campus, Phuket, Thailand - Trusted employers and resources

Phuket Academic Language School (PALS) is a language center located in Kathu (between Phuket Town and Patong). They focus on acadmic English, as well as core subject tutoring and GED test preparation.

In Thailand

bfts Teaching English - Tefl Campus, Phuket, Thailand

Hands down, one of Thailand’s best employers for entry-level teachers. TEFL Campus has worked on a personal level with BFITS for year, helping TEFL course grads find jobs in central and northeaster Thailand.

t4t Teaching English - Tefl Campus, Phuket, Thailand

We’ve also worked with T4T for quite some time now. Due to the high number of our grads who report being treated fairly and honestly, they are one of the only teacher agencies we will recommend.

ECC Teaching English - Tefl Campus, Phuket, Thailand

ECC is Thailand’s largest domestic language center and it employs foreign teachers in almost every urban area of Thailand. They offer a good opportunity for those who need experience and they’re almost always hiring.


Wall Street English - Tefl Campus, Phuket, Thailand

Wall Street English is one of the world’s leading language centers. They have schools in Thailand and our graduates who’ve gone on to work there only have good things to say.

English First Teacher Course - Tefl Campus, Phuket, Thailand

No list of worldwide EFL schools would be completed with out English First. They offer proven curriculum design and competitive salaries.

Preply Teacher Course - Tefl Campus, Phuket, Thailand

Preply is an online tutoring platform with a proven track record of success. They offer well-paying jobs to TEFL/TESOL certificate holders around the world.

Trusted Resources

Job Boards

Ajarn Teacher Course - Tefl Campus, Phuket, Thailand is the go-to source of information on teaching English in Thailand and has the busiest job board in the Kingdom.

Dreams Abroad, TEFL course, TEFL jobs

Dreams Abroad aims to be the most accurate resource provider for professionals, teachers, students, and travelers abroad. We offer resources to our global community and share truthful information through blog posts, questions and answers, and our social media community. Our community shares their stories on how they live, work, study, and travel abroad. Regardless of why you are traveling or where you are going, Dreams Abroad is here to support travelers abroad.

TEFL.COM - Tefl Campus, Phuket, Thailand

By far, the most definitive site and job board in TEFL…it is after all.

TEFL Course Review Websites

ESL Authority

ESL Authority has recently launched its index for TEFL Courses worldwide. They also have great articles from EFL teachers and professionals alike. You can also checkout their resources and country guides.

TEFL reviews, TEFL Campus, TEFL certification, TEFL course, TEFL Phuket, TEFL Chiang Mai, TEFL Course Review

The directory of 104 TEFL course providers from over fifty countries has 3,801 moderated reviews to help you find the ESL teacher training program that meets your needs.


ESL Library - TEFL Campus, Phuket Thailand

ESL Library offers quite an enormous collection of lessons plans that focus on communicative activities over a variety of topics.

Teach This Australia - TEFL Campus, Phuket, Thailand

Teach This might have the largest collection of EFL teaching materials anywhere.

Teaching at Tefl Campus, Phuket, Thailand

If only for it’s convenience and clarity, Busy Teacher is a new EFL teacher’s best friend.

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