TEFL Course in Phuket, Thailand

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TEFL Campus graduates receive guaranteed job support and certificates are internationally recognized.

Our TEFL course in Phuket, Thailand has been continuously running since 2002 and it’s southern Thailand’s most widely recognized, highest-rated TEFL certification program.


We offer guaranteed, lifetime job support and certificates earned are validated by Lamar University. We provide observed teaching practice in front of real students and our training will prepare you to walk into a classroom as a teacher for the first time feeling confident and capable of teaching effectively.


We’ve quite literally helped thousands of people learn how to teach English, find jobs, and live the life abroad they’ve always dreamed about.

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Living and Teaching in Phuket

If you don’t already know, Phuket is a world-class travel destination, and was recently ranked by US News and World Report, as the 8th best place in the world to visit. From unique Sino-Portuguese architecture in Phuket’s Old Town, to the wild nightlife of Patong, Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and hold something for just about anyone. If you want to live in Phuket be sure to read about teaching in Phuket, Thailand.

TEFL course options in Phuket

We offer two types of TEFL certification courses in Phuket. This way you’re sure you choose a TEFL Course option that fits your training goals and your budget.

Our Onsite TEFL Course is taken entirely in-class over nearly four weeks of study, and we offer two different packages for this course: the Full Package and the Premium Package (includes accommodation and more). Our Combined TEFL Course includes 60 hours of online study before coming to attend in-class lectures, and completing teaching practice in Phuket over 10 days.


Attend the course in Phuket, Thailand.

Taken over nearly four weeks

No online study

Two package options: Full and Premium

Includes observed teaching practice


Available on all 2022 Full Package TEFL/TESOL courses in Phuket.

US$ 250 off when you enroll at least 8 weeks in advance.

US$ 350 off when 2+ people enroll at least 8 weeks in advance.

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Combines online and onsite formats

Study online at your own pace

Train in Phuket for 10 days

Includes observed teaching practice

Offered in partnership with TeacherLink


Fees include training, lectures, job support, materials, exams and more.

You will never be asked to pay more for the course itself.

This is our guarantee to you and for your piece of mind.

Airfare, food and other daily incidentals are not included.

TEFL Campus offers two TEFL Course options to help you gain your TEFL certification

4-week Onsite TEFL Course

(classroom study only)

From US$ 1,490

Study TEFL methodology, theory and language awareness in a classroom setting with peers at our TEFL training center in Phuket, Thailand


Receive lesson planning guidance, observe experienced teachers

and complete your teaching practice amongst peers who have similar goals and career paths


Receive a TESOL certificate with university-level accreditation,

recognized by employers worldwide

Premium | Full

Combined TEFL Course

(online study + 10 days of onsite training)

US$ 1,250

Start by studying TEFL methodology, theory and language awareness online, at your pace and in the comfort of your own surroundings


Finish your online study by attending teaching observations, receiving lesson planning guidance, and conducting observed teaching practice in only 10 days in Phuket, Thailand


Receive a TESOL certificate that is accredited and recognized by employers around the world

Combined Course
  • US$ 1,490
  • Full Course Package
    4 weeks onsite study
    • Classroom study
    • Teaching practice
    • Certification
    • Assessments
    • Lifetime job support
    • 24-hr emergency assistance
    • Comprehensive pre-a rrival information
      and support
    • Visa and travel guidance
    • Accommodation at reduced rates
    • Tour and activity support at reduced rates
    • Meet and greet session upon arrival
    • Access to TEFL Campus online community
    • Motorbike and bicycle rentals at reduced rates

  • US$ 1,690
  • Premium Course Package
    Full course package and more!
    • Full Course features plus...
    • Accommodation
      (worth $250)
    • Airport transfer
      (worth $30)
    • 8 hours of Thai language lessons
      (worth $80)
    • Bicycle rental during the course
      (worth $50)
    • Valued over $400, yet you pay only $200 extra!

  • US$ 1,250
  • Combined Course
    Online study + onsite training
    • Complete initial study online
    • Come to Phuket, Thailand and complete onsite teaching practice
    • Effective, individualized job support
    • 24 hours of classroom study
    • 8 Written assignments
    • 9 Hours of guided lesson planning
    • 6 Sessions of observed real-world teaching practice
    • 6 Observations of peers teaching real-world lessons
    • 3 Observations of experienced teachers in real-world classes
    • Internationally recognized TEFL certificate


TEFL Course Accommodation in Phuket

Our TEFL course is located within walking distance to at least four great accommodation options, with one other being close but more suitable for someone who plans to rent transportation. Of course there are other options but these are the options we feel offer the most value for money.

All rooms are private and available for 1 or 2 people; you can choose to have one queen bed or two single beds. With the exception of Phuket Guesthouse, all rooms has wi-fi, air conditioning, hot water, a small fridge, a television, and a hot water kettle for tea/coffee.

For more information about accommodation options, fees and amenities, please check out the Accommodation page of our website.

Accommodation Options

Deluxe Room

– 28 sqm (300 sq ft)
– Booking dot com rate: 20,563 THB
– Campus rate: 11,990 THB

Rates include tax but do not include costs related to Phuket Sandbox protocol (SHA+ approved airport transfer and COVID-19 tests).

Superior Room

– 26 sqm (290 sq ft)
– Booking dot com 30-night rate: 19,584 THB
– Campus 30-night rate: 10,990 THB

Rates include tax but do not include costs related to Phuket Sandbox protocol (SHA+ approved airport transfer and COVID-19 tests).

Staying true to Thailand, Phuket Town and our surrounding area offers more food stalls, cafes and restaurants than you can imagine. There are also plenty of Western food outlets as well. Phuket Town also has quite a few markets and grocery stores where you can buy snacks and drinks to bring back to your room.


The King’s Park is also nearby and offers a large area for recreation, people watching, chilling out or working out. It’s got a large pond with two running tracks that take you around the park. There are basketball and badminton courts, as well as small soccer/football fields and even some organized aerobics sessions in the early evening.


Thai clubs and western style pubs dot the city and you’re never too far away from the action. You cannot expect the same scene as what’s found in Phuket’s main tourist city of Patong, but that’s why so many long-term expats choose to stay in Phuket Town rather than in Patong and along the West Coast.


There are also quite a few activities in and around Phuket Town. There are two weekend markets, a fresh market, walking tours, parks, sports facilities, a few local view points and plenty of natural scenery.


From Town, you can venture off to any one of Phuket beautiful beaches. Sun, sand and surf is definitely one of Phuket’s attractions.

Full Package TEFL Course Discounts in Phuket


US$ 250 off when you enroll at least 8 weeks in advance
– US$ 350 off when 2+ people enroll at least 8 weeks in advance

Special Offer


Receive a complementary online course (US$250 value) when you enroll before the end of the month. You can choose between the Certification in Teaching Business English or the Certification in Teaching English to Young Learners.

*Discounts cannot be combined.
**Discounts are only available to those who book their course directly through TEFL Campus.


In addition to all course-related training, lectures, assessments and materials, our TEFL certification course services include:


  • Guaranteed lifetime job support
  • 24-hr emergency assistance
  • Comprehensive pre-arrival information and support
  • Visa and travel guidance
  • Accommodation at reduced rates
  • Tour and activity support at reduced rates
  • Meet and greet session upon arrival
  • Access to TEFL Campus online community
  • Motorbike and bicycle rentals at reduced rates


Our 4-week TEFL certification course in Phuket is offered 10 times a year. Every five weeks we start a new course and each course finishes on the Friday of the 4th week. We conduct lectures in the mornings, guided lesson planning in the afternoon, and observed teaching practice in the evenings. On Fridays, you’re always finished by 12.00 so you can enjoy the weekend.


Our Combined TEFL certification course starts with 60 hours of online study that you’ll complete according to your own schedule (6-month time limit). Once finished, you’ll join us in Phuket for classroom study and teaching practice. This is also offered 10 times a year. Start dates for the onsite component coincide with the start dates for the 4-week courses, but you’ll only need to attend for 10 days. While you’re welcome to join all the lectures the 4-week course offers, it’s not required for some lectures. You’ll either observe experienced teachers teaching, or conduct your teaching practice each day of the course (Except Friday of Week 1).


Classroom study starts each day at 9.00 or 9.30 and finishes at 12.00 or 12.30. Guided lesson planning is held from 13.30 to 16.00. Teaching practicum and observations come in two blocks: early (16.30 to 18.30) or late (18.30 to 20.00).





  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Must be fluent in all aspects of English.*
  • Must have basic computer skills and access to a laptop.
  • Must be good with working under tight schedules and meeting deadlines.
  • Must have an open mind as it relates to living within new and different cultures.


*If English isn’t your first language, you must be fluent in reading, writing, listening and speaking in order to pass our course. If you are unsure about your level of English or have any doubts about your ability to pass the course, we would like to conduct a 10-20 minute interview with you over Skype. Basically, you must be able to present the language accurately at all times in the classroom. We strictly enforce this requirement and no exceptions to our course standards will be made for non-native English speakers (or native speakers!).




  • Teaching experience
  • University degrees