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Combined TEFL Course Format

Our Combined TEFL Course allows you to obtain your TEFL certification to teach English abroad at a pace that suits you and your schedule. Using our combined TEFL course partner, TeacherLink, you’ll have access to online materials and videos when ever you need them. Once your online work is complete you can begin your onsite teacher training in Phuket, Thailand, where you’ll attend lectures, observe lessons, receive guided lesson planning and deliver six lessons to real English students.


Our combined TEFL course includes

Online Study: You’ll learn about teaching theory and methodology, build language awareness and start to plan lessons in the comfort of your own home and at pace which suits your schedule. You’ll complete tasks at the end of course units, ensuring complete understanding of the materials and topics covered.


Onsite Training: You’ll attend classroom discussions, observe experienced teachers, learn from guided lesson planning, deliver your own lessons and watch peers teach. This is done over two weeks and you’ll have a three-day weekend which you can use to explore Phuket and the surrounding area.


Lifetime Job Assistance: You’ll receive comprehensive and proven job support which leads to full-time or part-time employment in a location of your choice, working in a school of your choice. Don’t fall for ‘guaranteed job placements’. Our individualized consultations will ensure you find a great job that works for you.


Full Support services: Before, during and after the course, TEFL Campus will provide you with all the visa, arrival, travel, accommodation and relocation information and resources you need to get started teaching English abroad.

We also offer two great options for 4-week onsite TEFL training…

Premium Package  or the Full Package

  • Start by studying TEFL methodology, theory and language awareness online, at your pace and in the comfort of your own surroundings
  • Finish your online study by attending teaching observations, receiving lesson planning guidance and conducting observed teaching practice in only 10 days in Phuket, Thailand
  • Receive a TESOL certificate that is accredited and recognized by employers around the world
  • At least 120 hours of study and training
  • Guaranteed job assistance
  • Visa and pre-arrival support
  • Meet and greet session with our staff on arrival
  • Accommodation in a safe and convenient location
  • Access to TEFL Campus’ community of over 400 graduates
  • Tour and excursion assistance
  • 24-hr emergency assistance
  • A welcome meal and much more
TEFL certification combined course - Teaching English Abroad with TEFL Campus Phuket Thailand

Course Fee

US$ 1,250


Our listed TEFL courses & fees are all-inclusive of training, lectures, lifetime job support, materials, exams and your certification.

You will never be asked to pay more for the course itself.

This is our guarantee to you and for your piece of mind.

Airfare, food and other daily incidentals are not included.


Sorry, discounts are only available on our 4-week course options. However, the Combined Course fee is lower than the 4-week course and you’ll save by only spending two weeks onsite. You’ll also get a free online course worth US$ 250.

This course is a great option for anyone who:

  • May not have the time available for one month of study in Phuket, Thailand
  • Needs to receive an internationally recognized TEFL/TESOL certificate
    Enjoys the freedom of self-paced distance learning
  • Wants to benefit from live teaching practice and feedback from experienced EFL teachers
  • Would like to spend a month working within Thai culture before getting a job in Thailand
  • Has already been teaching but wants to benefit from structured ELT training

Our TEFL certification combined course Covers

Online component

You can start the online component of the course when you wish and progress through it at a pace that suits your schedule. This portion of the course is facilitated by our partner, TeacherLink. You’ll have access to online materials, videos and study guides whenever you need them.


Topics covered include:

  • Approaches to language learning
  • Classroom management
  • Error correctionsLesson planning
  • English grammar
  • Teaching receptive skills
  • Teaching productive skills
  • Improving pronunciation
  • Evaluations

Onsite component

Once finished with your online study, you can begin your onsite training at TEFL Campus in Phuket, Thailand. We’ll help with your arrival, accommodation and getting settled into Phuket Town. The training schedule over 11 days is busy but you’ll have a  3-day weekend for fun exploration and relaxation.


This portion of the course includes:

  • Arrival and accommodation support
  • EFL/ESL teaching theory
  • Teaching skills
  • Observation of experienced teachers
  • Guided lesson planning
  • Observed teaching practice
  • Written and oral feedback
  • Individualized employment consultations

24 Hours of in-class study

During input sessions, trainees learn about teaching methodology, teaching skills, grammar and phonetics.

Our teaching skills session includes:

  • Lesson planning
  • Classroom management
  • Establishing rapport
  • Discipline in the classroom
  • Managing equipment and teaching aids
  • Creating materials
  • Correction techniques
  • Evaluation and testing
  • Teaching vocabulary & grammar
  • Teaching receptive skills (reading and listening)
  • Teaching productive skills (speaking and writing)
  • Games in the classroom
  • Songs in the classroom
  • Teaching beginner students
  • Teaching individual students


  • Complete initial study online
  • Come to Phuket to complete onsite teaching practice
  • Effective, individualized job support
  • 24 hours of classroom study
  •  Written assignments
  • 9 hours of guided lesson planning
  • 6 sessions of observed real-world teaching practice
  • 6 observations of peers teaching real-world lessons
  • 3 observations of experienced teachers in real-world classes
  • 1 internationally recognized TEFL certificate


  • Weekends off
  • Offered 10 times per year
  • Full visa support
  • Organized accommodation
  • Meet and greet session with staff upon arrival (within business hours)
  • Over 12 world-class beaches within a 15-60 minute drive
  • Located in the heart Phuket Town
  • Only a ferry ride away from Phi Phi Island and Railey Bay
  • Affordable access to scuba diving
  • Rock Climbing, Boat Tours, many fun excursions


In addition to all course-related training, lectures, assessments and materials, our TEFL certification course services include:


  • Lifetime job support
  • 24-hr emergency assistance
  • Comprehensive pre-arrival information and support
  • Visa and travel guidance
  • Accommodation at reduced rates
  • Tour and activity support at reduced rates
  • Meet and greet session upon arrival
    (within business hours)
  • Access to TEFL Campus online community
  • Motorbike and bicycle rentals at reduced rates


The TEFL certification course is offered 10 times a year. Every five weeks we start a new course and each course finishes on the Friday of the 4th week. We conduct lectures in the mornings, guided lesson planning in the afternoon, and observed teaching practice in the evenings. On Fridays, you’re always finished by 12.30 so you can enjoy the weekend.



2019 Course Dates




  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must be fluent in all aspects of English*
  • Must have basic computer skills for creating classroom materials
  • Must be good with working under tight schedules and meeting deadlines
  • Must have an open mind as it relates to living within new and different cultures


*If English isn’t your first language, you must be fluent in reading, writing, listening and speaking in order to pass our course. If you are unsure about your level of English or have any doubts about your ability to pass the course, we would like to conduct a 10-20 minute interview with you over Skype.




  • Teaching experience
  • University degrees
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