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6 Tips for Impressing Thai Teachers

Getting along with Thai teachers at school You've finished your TEFL certification course and you've been hired at your first job. The future is bright and things are on the up. Now don't let yourself down by committing a major faux pas where Thai culture is...

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Feb 18 fun

Our Best TEFL Course Reviews Yet

If you’re looking for the best TEFL course, we’ve got a few numbers that may suggest TEFL Campus is it. For the second year in a row, over 99% of our TEFL course graduates stated that they would recommend TEFL Campus to a friend or family...

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TEFL Certification Course Diary: Jack’s last week

Jack’s TEFL certification course is all wrapped up now. Not only did he pass the course, he did so while exemplifying the traits we hope to see in every TEFL course trainee: dedication, a can-do attitude, professionalism and humor. Let’s see how Jack feels about the...

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TEFL Certification Course Diary: Jack’s third week

Jack’s TEFL certification course is now half-way complete. By the sounds of it, the course has been both challenging and rewarding. How did Week 3 turn out? Let’s see… (If you missed Weeks 1 and 2, you can start here.) [caption id="attachment_14816" align="alignright" width="300"] Don't talk to...

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Jack’s TEFL Certification Course Diary: Week 2

The 2nd week of our TEFL Certification Course is every bit as intensive as the first week. Only now, we introduce the phonology component of the course, and expect trainees to become a bit more independent during their guided lesson planning. Did Jack rise to the...

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Jacks TEFL Certification Course Diary

TEFL Certification Course Diary: Jack’s first week

Enrolling in a TEFL certification course is a huge commitment—or at least it is when you attend a real TEFL training program that includes onsite training and observed teaching practice. Sure, you can drop US$100 or less on an online TEFL course found on Groupon. But...

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5 Tips You’ll Learn on a TEFL Certification Course

There are plenty of reasons to take a TEFL certification course. Even if a TEFL certificate isn’t a legal requirement, most employers require it. You’ll also receive great job support and get introduced to like-minded people who hope to find their first TEFL job overseas. But what will...

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