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If you’re looking for the best TEFL course reviews, we’ve got a few numbers that may suggest TEFL Campus has them.

For the second year in a row, over 99% of our TEFL course graduates stated that they would recommend TEFL Campus to a friend or family member. As a result, nearly half of our course applications come through a personal recommendation.

As with previous years, most of the TEFL course reviews and comments we received – even the critical ones – were constructive, which is hopefully a reflection of the constructive advice and criticism our trainees received during their teaching practice.

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The March course celebrating their new status as certified TEFL teachers.

TEFL course
reviews summary

Out of a maximum of 5 stars, how would you rate…
quality of the course overall? 4.8
course in preparing you to teach? 4.8
quality of the training staff? 4.8
quality of the course materials? 4.7
the teaching skills curriculum? 4.8
the Observed Teaching Practice (OTP)? 4.8
the feedback/evaluation of the OTP? 4.8
the job support services 4.7
the training center building? 4.9
the teaching resources? 4.8
your accommodation? 4.8
Phuket town? 4.7
Would you recommend TEFL Campus to a friend or family member? Yes 73
No 1

We gather this information by asking graduates to fill out an anonymous survey at the end of every course. We state to everyone that we won’t open the surveys until the following week, so they have no fear of repercussions if they wish to express dissatisfaction.

If you’d like to read comments from our surveys, you can visit the TEFL course reviews page of our website. Comments start just under the orange line, slightly down the page.

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We start off every course with a welcome dinner at a local Thai restaurant.

All of us at TEFL Campus are thankful for the feedback and we’ve already started using it to improve our course for 2019.

If you’re looking to improve your teaching skills, or to simply enter the classroom for the first time as a certified EFL teacher, the best thing you can do for yourself is to take a TEFL certification course.

TEFL Campus Contact Us in Phuket, ThailandContact us now for more information on how we can help you achieve your goals in 2018. Or if you’re ready, you can APPLY NOW.

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