Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions apply to our TEFL Courses at TEFL Campus.

Should you need further information please see our Courses page or simply Contact Us.

– Fees listed are all inclusive of classroom training, guided lesson planning, observed teaching practice, lifetime job support, exams, required course materials, certificates, daily refreshments, and anything else directly related to meeting the requirements of the course.


– Fees listed are not inclusive of visas, transportation, accommodation (Premium package excluded), food or any other personal expenses incurred outside of training.


– Deposit fees will be deducted from full course fees and the balance of fees is to be paid on or before the first day of the course.


– Deposits will be forfeited in the event any portion of the enrollee’s application is deemed to be false, or the enrollee fails to reply to emails marked “Reply Required” within the prescribed time.


– Deposits will be refunded in the event TEFL Campus must cancel the course date the enrollee has paid for. However, in the event of a natural disaster and/or national emergency, TEFL Campus reserves the right to keep the deposit and reschedule the course.


– Deposits will not be refunded unless TEFL Campus is unable to deliver the course as per the scheduled course dates. Documented medical, personal and family emergencies may result in a refund (minus a 30% administration fee) but such refunds are awarded at the discretion of TEFL Campus.


– Deposits are transferable to any course start date within one year of the original date indicated on the application, so long as a notification of delay is provided at least two weeks before the course begins, and we have not booked your accommodation.


– Once you confirm your arrival details and choice of accommodation, we book your room and send you a notification. If you need to cancel your accommodation reservation (for any reason whatsoever) within one week of your check-in date, or after you’ve arrived, your entire course deposit will be forfeited.


– Discounted accommodation booked through TEFL Campus is dependent upon receipt of confirmed travel plans, usually in the form of flight confirmation. All accommodation places are subject to availability.


– Course fees listed are based upon satisfactory completion of the course within the scheduled course dates. In the event that additional support is needed, review of assignments and exams will be billed at a rate of US$ 25, while additional guided lesson planning and observed teaching practice will be billed at the rate of US$ 50.


– In the event that a course reaches full capacity and the applicant cannot attend any other course date, efforts can be made to find staff to cover the additional workload. In such case, an additional fee of US$ 200 will apply. This will be stated before any course deposit is made.


– In the event that the enrollee must withdraw from the course due to documented medical, family or personal emergency, TEFL Campus agrees to allow the enrollee to continue the course at a later date at no additional charge (pending seat availability). In the event that the enrollee withdraws from the course for any other reason and would like to begin at a later date, an administrative fee of US$ 400 will be required to restart the course.