Thailand remains one of the world’s success stories for preventing COVID-19.

COVID-19 TEFL Course Information

The health and safety of our trainees, staff, and students is our first priority. As such, TEFL Campus is committed to implementing legally-mandated, as well as scientifically-based, procedures that will ensure we minimize any risks associated with contracting COVID-19.

We successfully ran a course in July with only a few necessary changes to class format. Our Course Director held some lectures via Google Meet. Although in-class lectures are more dynamic, trainees were grateful for being able to attend the course.

COVID-19 TEFL Course Schedule

We resumed our normal TEFL course schedule on 29 June 2020. Our remaining 4-week course dates (and Combined Course dates) in 2020 are as follows:

7 Sept – 2 Oct (17 Sept)
12 Oct 6 Nov (22 Oct)
9 Nov – 4 Dec (19 Nov)

You can find 2021 course dates, as well as daily course schedule information near the bottom of our Phuket page.

COVID-19 TEFL Course Discounts

In response to the challenges associated with attending our TEFL training course, we’re offering a US$ 350 discount on all course fees in 2020.

This also carries over to our dual enrollment discount of US$ 350 per person (discounts cannot be combined). We also offer a free, advanced-level online TEFL certification course worth US$ 250 to all graduates. You can choose between Teaching English to Young Learners and Teaching Business English.

COVID-19 Int’l Arrival Travel Ban

Currently, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has a ban on all international arrivals. This means that if you aren’t living in Thailand now, you will not be able to attend the course.

If you are outside Thailand and wish to earn TEFL/TESOL certification via an online course option, please contact us for further information.

If you’ve read that those with Education (ED) visas are able to enter Thailand, please note that ED visas are currently only being accepted for those in mainstream education. Our course is a professional development course and does not qualify for the ED visa at this time.

COVID-19 TEFL Course Procedures

For the most part, we’re able to run our courses in the same manner as before. However, some lectures need to be conducted through Google Meet. This is limited to language awareness (grammar and phonology) and job support so that we can still deliver interactive lessons about classroom management, teaching theory, and group work.

We’ve also limited our maximum enrollment to eight trainees so that we can ensure proper social distancing in the classroom–student numbers for observed teaching practice is also limited.

Of course we’ll keep an eye on developments and adjust things accordingly.

COVID-19 Information Resources

TEFL Campus recommends using the following sources of information in order to see official updates and reliable information:
Independent COVID-19 Tracker
Bangkok Post’s COVID-19 Updates page
Richard Barrow’s Blog
Thailand’s Dept. of Disease Control
Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Good News

First of all, did you miss the best news above? If you enroll before Thailand announces when it will lift its ban on int’l arrivals, we’ll take US$ 350 off your course fees.

Also, if you are willing and able to endure the extra efforts associated with attending our TEFL training course, the payoff is that demand for teachers will outstretch the unprecedented TEFL teacher shortages seen earlier this year. With our already-proven history of of success, our guaranteed job support virtually ensures your job prospects during, and just after our TEFL training course.

Contact TEFL Campus

For further information, please contact us, or simply apply online.

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