TEFL certification premium course

The 2nd week of our TEFL Certification Course is every bit as intensive as the first week. Only now, we introduce the phonology component of the course, and expect trainees to become a bit more independent during their guided lesson planning.

Did Jack rise to the challenge? He most certainly did…

(If you missed it, be sure you’ve read over his diary for Week 1.

Central Floresta Phuket Town

The new Central Florista had just opened in Phuket Town a month before Jack’s course started

What did you do over the first weekend of the TEFL course?

I checked out the new mall called Central Florista Phuket. Although I left London to enjoy a new culture, I found myself missing the simple pleasures of home and gorged on KFC and Dairy Queen.



Are you settling into the TEFL course routine?

Yeah, it was difficult at first, but I gradually found myself feeling less overwhelmed. I initially felt that I was suffering with information overload but soon realised that we go over many of the same things more than once to ensure that we take everything in.

You received information and resources on how to find good TEFL jobs in Thailand.
Have you been able to take advantage of any of that yet?

This service was very useful. Eric offered information not only on teaching English in Thailand but also about teaching English in Asia, as well as other regions.

Observed Teaching Practice

Your first experience teaching in front of a class isn’t as nerve wracking as you might think.

How did you feel before your 2nd observed teaching practice session?

The was much better than the previous observed teaching practice, which went terribly. I had a much better understanding of what to expect. As such, I felt much more confident.



Has guided lesson planning gotten any easier?

Yes, again as I knew what to expect, it went much better. I managed to complete my entire lesson planning with 30 minutes to spare.

You received some tips on EFL classroom management.
Have you been able to use them in the classroom yet?

Yeah, the students are very friendly but sometimes they can get distracted. In this case, the student was using their phone and using what Eric taught me, I was able to handle the situation in a way which was considerate of both the student with the phone and the entire class.

After six hours of lecture on English grammar, does it seem more or less daunting? More or less interesting?

Grammar was very interesting. I found myself making natural links between both English and Japanese with regards to the functional differences. However, my grammar knowledge certainly does need additional work. But as we are given handouts which explain the ins and outs of it all, I am sure I will be fine.

You’ve also sat through two sessions phonology lessons.
What do you think of the Int’l Phonetic Alphabet?
Are you more aware of how we make sounds within a language?

Literally felt like learning a new language all over again. It is very interesting, but I will really need to have a good read of my phonetic resource pack.

TEFL certification premium course

Training includes observation of experienced teachers.

Class lets out on Friday at 12.00 every week.
Is this enough time to relax over the weekend and have some time to explore Phuket?

I take the Thai language lessons, so I do not finish at 12. However, the classes end at 3pm, leaving more than enough time to enjoy the rest of day. The course allows so much flexibility to enjoy your week. You do not need to be studying all weekend to understand what is being taught.

For more information on our TEFL course packages be sure to contact us and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Eric Haeg

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