TEFL Campus Trainees in the Tuk Tuk in Phuket, Thailand

In addition to attending lectures, she delivered two more lessons to real students, looked at different aspects of classroom management and learned about Thai culture from a retired Thai teacher who shared valuable lessons on how to make a smooth transition into her first TEFL...

Teaching Colours at TEFL Campus in Phuket, Thailand

BY ABBEY BRINKLOWTransitioning from a TEFL course to teaching young learners can be challenging. I teach young learners in Thailand and I am constantly trying to improve my skills. At first it was a challenge, but over time I found myself settling in to the...

Teaching Kids at TEFL Campus in Phuket, Thailand

By Abbey Brinklow   So there I was, sat in a kindergarten class with thirty little faces staring at me. This was my first time teaching young learners in Thailand and probably their first official English lesson too. I had no clue how they would respond to me....

Sand-Raw - TEFL Campus in Phuket, Thailand

2016 is upon us and if you haven’t made any resolutions for teaching English in Thailand, here are some ideas for you.Commit to classroom improvement – During the first few weeks of 2016, complete an honest self-evaluation of your teaching at least once a day...

TEFL Campus Graduate, Certified Teacher Kate Parkin in Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is a man’s world and Kate Parkin knows it.Despite the challenges Thailand presents, Kate has made a living teaching on Phuket for the past three years. Calm, patient and most certainly well-adjusted, Kate has learned how to deal with circumstances many women refuse to...

Bangkok City - TEFL Campus

Foreign teachers in Thailand aren’t meant to use Thai in the classroom. Depending on the employer, it’s either frowned upon or banned all together—and rightfully so.Still, learning Thai is immensely beneficial, yet many teachers don’t bother.Moving beyond basic levels, Thai is helpful in the classroom...

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